Frequently Asked Questions

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A TxHash or transaction hash is a unique identifier that is generated whenever a transaction is performed. A TxHash can be used to track and trace the status of a transaction.

Steps to get the Transaction Hash

Step 1: Enter the recipient's wallet address, the amount to send and hit SEND

Step 2: Once you have Sent a bitcoin to someone, a transaction Hash is generated. The transaction Hash is displayed and you can copy it. 

Step 3: To know the status of the transaction,  Use a Blockchain Explorer here and enter the transaction hash in the search box. 

Learn how to pay acceleration fee on BTC Accelerator.

Step 1: On the BTC Accelerator platform, Once you have the transaction Hash, enter it in the Transaction #  field. 

Step 2: The platform will display the amount to pay for accelerating the transaction.  Click on Accelerate Now

Step 3: You will be shown the payment options available for you to pay the acceleration fee. Choose 

Step 4: Use a payment method of your choice and make the payment. 

Step 5: Once you have paid, Click on I've made the payment and enter the details of the transaction.

Step 6: Your transaction will be validated and queued up for acceleration after that.

To begin queuing up your transaction to accelerate it, you would need to submit the details.

Step 1: Please ensure you have paid the acceleration fee. 

Step 2: Make note of the transaction details of the acceleration fee paid. (Transaction Hash of the fee and the wallet address). 

Step3: Come back to the payment screen on the btc accelerator, and then click on I've made the payment. 

Step 4: A popup with a form to enter the transaction details will appear. Enter the details asked (* all fields are mandatory)

Step 5: After successfully submitting the transaction, the system verifies and queues it up for processing.

Wait for a few hours and it should be processed.

You can reach out to us through the support channels mentioned on the website.