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BTC Accelerator
BTC AcceleratorBitcoin

Step 1 : Send worth $25 of BTC to this Address:

( We provide 100% Refund on any Transactions that we cannot accelerate )


Step 1 : Send $25 worth of Ether to this Address:

( We provide 100% Refund on any Transactions that we cannot accelerate )

USDT (TetherUS)

Step 1 : Send 25.11 USDT (TetherUS) to this Address:

( We provide 100% Refund on any Transactions that we cannot accelerate )

XLM ( Stellar Lumens )

Step 1 : Send $25 worth of XLM ( Stellar Lumens ) to this Address:
Not Available at this Moment

( We provide 100% Refund on any Transactions that we cannot accelerate )


Step 1 : Send $25 worth of TRX ( TRON ) to this Address:

( We provide 100% Refund on any Transactions that we cannot accelerate )

Just got Accelerated successfully! Transaction details:

How the BTC transaction accelerator works?

Enter Transaction Hash

Copy and Paste the hash of the transaction you want to accelerate.

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Pay Acceleration Fee ( Rewards for miners to Boost your transaction )

To speed up the transaction, the network determines an acceleration fee. Pay it to speed up the transaction. ( 100% Refund on job not completed )

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Submit the details

Enter the details of the acceleration fee you paid for special boost.

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Transaction is accelerated

Your transaction is pumped to the Top of the queue for acceleration.

Bitcoin Accelerator

Latest Blocks

Block Height Block Time Reward(BTC) Block Size(B) Tx Count Block Hash
570458 03 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031285 13,743 85 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570459 08 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031275 83,743 156 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c67
570460 14 minutes ago AntPool 12.50031265 3,743 112 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c66
570461 24 minutes ago ViaBTC 12.50031260 43,743 345 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c13
570462 40 minutes ago Unknown 12.50031250 20,743 456 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570463 54 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031285 13,743 40 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c78
570464 1 hour 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031245 3,743 158 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c76
570465 14 minutes ago BTC.TOP 12.50031232 54,743 46 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c90
570467 1 hour 32 minutes ago Bitcoin.com 12.50031228 4,743 23 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c16
570466 2 hours 10 minutes ago BTC.com 12.50031215 70986 235 0000000000000000004f3435da61210f44475cca732bc9fdacc137fcda204c24

Network Statistics

Network Hashrate
Network Difficulty
Profit per TH/s 0.00113859 BCH /1T/ Day ≈ $0.16
Current best transaction fees 0.00001 BCH/KB
Pending Transaction
Pending Transaction Size 16.57 K
24h Tx Volume 21102 txs
24h Tx Rate 0.24 txs/s

Global Market

CoinEx BCH/USD $144.97
Coinbase BCH/USD $144.93
Bitfinex BCH/USD $144.87
Bithumb BCH/USD $144.90

Network Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Ratio Block Mined
570458 308.23 PH/s 10% 13
570459 236.31 PH/s 30.6% 12
570460 215.76 PH/s 13% 30
570461 174.66 PH/s 15.7% 10
570462 104.66 PH/s 20% 16
570463 102.66 PH/s 40.3% 25
570464 274.41 PH/s 12% 10

What Community Says

Thomas Stock

I must say this, BTC Accelerator is an amazing service. it speeded up three of my transactions that were stuck for more than 48 hours on one of the worst days.

Serenity Hughes

Don't think twice before you use this service! Will use this service again.

Jaxon Clarke

I was skeptical at first after I lost money on another service. but after my transactions went through, thanks to these guys. I will come back.

Industry News


Published On: 27-12--2021, 08:17 AM IST

Grayscale is a digital currency investment platform. Intended to offer market insight and investment exposure. To the developing digital currency asset class.

The company's platform builds investment products that help access the asset class. And provides support enabling investors to navigate digital currency investments. Based in new york

Grayscale offers six other crypto investment products with exposure to Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Litecoin (LTC), besides a basket of cryptocurrencies through its Digital Large Cap Fund.

A lot of alternative funds in the market allow for exposure to cryptocurrency. Without requiring investors to manage the digital assets themselves.

Grayscale offers six other crypto investment products. With exposure to Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. Along with a basket of cryptocurrencies through its Digital Large Cap Fund.

Grayscale has a significant part of the world’s bitcoin holdings. In its trust known by the GBTC ticker. GBTC has 38.7 billion dollars in assets under management as of now.

Grayscale Investment plans on applying to convert the bitcoin fund into a spot ETF.

Spot trading is trading actual cryptocurrencies. While trading contracts based on underlying assets are derivative trading.

Like in traditional stocks and finance derivates are a contract. That has the value of the actual underlying asset in it. And depending on the contract may provide a loss or profit to the involved parties. It’s called short selling in traditional finance.

Derivates have two kinds. Future, it’s a smart contract that has a limited period signed by two opposing parties. Having the value of cryptocurrency in this case. And the profit or loss depends on the price of the cryptocurrency at the time of the end of the contract.

Options are another form of derivative. It is like the future derivative except there is no end date, it gives an option to buy whenever they want.

In both these cases, traders don’t own the underlying asset.

ETFs are less risky and make crypto ETF’s a popular alternate investment.

Bitcoin exchange-traded funds will also prove to be a popular alternate investment. Following the addition of smart contracts.

Bitcoin is the market’s largest cryptocurrency.

It takes higher computing power and analytics to go through the data.

Bitcoin accelerator services help in accelerating the transaction.

Increased transactions in bitcoin put immense pressure on the blockchain.

And cause higher transaction time for users quoting fewer fees for transactions.

Transactions get stuck because the transaction fee is small. A transaction with a lower fee attached may not get confirmed. Unless transaction volumes decrease. And the funds won’t reach their intended destination.

BTC accelerator services solve this issue.

Bitcoin accelerator services will try to provide enough fees for the miners. To pick the transaction up from the memory pool and confirm it.

All Bitcoin transactions are open source. BTC Accelerator keeps the network secure and ensures data remains accurate.

Grayscale Investment recently applied to convert the bitcoin fund into a spot ETF.

Now investors can buy GBTC shares at prices lower than the actual market value of Bitcoin.

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